The Way of Awakening in Socratic Maieutics (Plato’s Cave), Jnana Yoga, Zen Koan and in Raja Yoga[Patanjali’s Aphorisms(Yoga Sutra)]
Calea trezirii in Mosirea(maieutica) lui Socrate(Pestera lui Platon), in Calea cunoasterii (Jnana Yoga) , in metoda trezirii din buddhismul Zen utilizand Koan( intrebari paradoxale) si in Raja Yoga[Aforismele lui Patanjali(Yoga Sutra)]
Imagine that the whole mankind is looking at a projection of reality(a world of shadows) on the inner wall of the mind (mind screen) created using electrical impulses in the same way in which we obtain an image on a TV screen
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